Friday, April 24, 2009

Katharine Parr -- Who Knew?

You scored as Katherine Parr, Henry VIII's sixth and last wife. You also have the distinction of being the most married Queen of England. Before you caught Henry's eye in court, you'd already been married and widowed twice. You were being courted by Thomas Seymour (Queen Jane's brother) when Henry decided that he wanted you as his wife. Ever practical, you accepted the King's proposal. You were a wonderful stepmother for all three of Henry's children, and you helped bring the two princesses closer to their father. You worked hard for various causes that interested you, mostly education and the arts. But your usual luck with husbands remained the same, and just a few years later King Henry VIII died. You probably would have served as a guardian for the newly-crowned Edward VI (who was not yet ten years of age), except that once widowed you decided to secretly marry your old love Thomas Seymour. When this was discovered, it sent a wave of scandal throughout England and you were forced to move away from your position of power. You and your new husband obtained wardship of Henry's cousin, the Lady Jane Grey, whom you treated as your own daughter. You also took guardianship of Princess Elizabeth for a short period of time before she was sent to another household. A year later you finally gave birth to your first and only child and then died a few weeks later

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