Wednesday, December 21, 2016

This Should Be Appealable

I have not written much about the horrible politics of this past year.  However, with the recent intelligence of active Russian and FBI collusion with the Republican Party, NO ONE can say with a straight face that this election was anything but FIXED.  The huge plurality of the popular vote alone along with the small percentages of victory in certain red-leaning electoral states, which pushed the old-fashioned Electoral College into Trump's camp shows this.  There must be a way to stop this illegality.
I suggest that the Supreme Court, on the basis of the evidence, throw out the results of the November Presidential election.  A special election for President can then be called for early February. There would be no time for any campaigning.  In fact, I believe the Court should forbid it.  The Electoral College should also be put on hiatus.  All information about the 2016 election and its shenanighans should be made known to the American people.  No excuses will be accepted.
This filthiness will only leave us when we wake up from the national hang-over Trump put most of us into with his siren songs of impossibility.  We already see the ugliness of what he will bring. My judgment of America will fall to the utter depths if this is allowed to continue.  I never knew such ugliness really existed before this time except in spots.  Now it shows its face in the University.  I weep.