Friday, July 23, 2010

New Archeo-Thrillers by Will Adams: Is Daniel Knox the Next Indiana Jones?

I have just finished the first two archeo-thriller novels by Will Adams, a new author from Great Britain: The Alexander Cipher and The Exodus Quest.  These have just been recently released in the USA.  In them he introduces us to his hero Daniel Knox -- and soon-to-be permanent assistant Gaille Bonnard, the daughter of his late mentor.

Egyptology has always been fascinating for me even though I am more classically focused myself (pre-Hellenistic).  The author's what-if's are not ridiculous -- and Library Journal says:

In a welcome respite from the glut of Christendom-shattering, artifact-protecting, Secret Order thrillers, debut author Adams offers up something new ... a plausible, fun heist-thriller that compels the reader to wonder, What if?

Thank the gods for this!!  The historicity of the novels is very good -- probably too good for a reader who believes in the absolute historical truth of the Torah and Tanach (The Exodus Quest).  However, for me, it was a breath of fresh air that an author has actually utilized the most recent scholarship available.

I was excited to find his third book available through book sellers on ABE Books ( since it has not yet been published in this country. 

I don't want to ruin his plots for anyone; however, The Alexander Cipher proposes a location for the Tomb of Alexander and The Exodus Quest concerns Ahkenaten and the Amarna Period.  I highly recommend these to you and I am convinced that you will not be disappointed (as I have been recently with books in the same genre).