Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A Place For Snarkiness

I need a place for me to be snarky on occasion. Of course, that is becoming far more frequent with time. I also need to be able to identify stupidity when I see it. Even though there is still too much of that out there I do see a few bright lights through its dismal fog. Far too many people still fall into the category of the general populace in Hans Christian Andersen's story "The Emperor's New Clothes." We need to be clear eyed like the little boy who says, "The Emperor isn't wearing any clothes!"
Of course, the current chief subject for snarkiness is Sarah Palin. Where to begin . . . She is an embarrassment, at the very least, and a foul liar at the worst. McCain has aided and abetted all this behind the scenes, maintaining a facade that is just as rotten. As an Air Force veteran (I know he's Navy), I am more than upset when I hear him say that he is qualified just because he had been a prisoner-of-war. PULEEZE!!!!! This is an illogical argument and he would fail an introductory course in Logic by using it. WARNING: SNARKINESS HERE: Of course, he was not known as a good student at the Naval Academy. His basic intelligence at this point is also in question. ;-)