Tuesday, January 20, 2015

What I Do Not Want To See in a Novel for Entertainment

No where but here will you get the honest word on the newest in Austenalia.  I am also not ashamed to give you my real opinions, when I feel an author has "borrowed" too much from another author, and I will name the names.
I am now (virtually) getting ready to read a new book by an author who is unfamiliar to me.  Through the grape-vine I had heard fairly good things about the books which she has authored.
This particular author (Sharon Lathan) must have two personalities.  I would not call myself a prude; but, her books are just shy of a X-rating.  Even though it is married sex, the fact that the story is set in the early 19th century should have given her the hint to tone it down just a bit.  Then, in addition to being slapped in the face with soft porn, she starts to proselytize to her readers about her religion.  NO, NO, NO!!!  I do not want to have anybody's religion shoved in my face while I am trying to be entertained.  In addition, I have caught her in random acts of racism as well.  Needless to say she is no longer on my Author List.  (She writes Austenalia)
Now I know a certain ilk of writers will use the popular Austenalia genre and stoop very low in their varied attempts at apologetics (LDS, for instance) and even an out-right smarmy-type of "Convert or you'll burn forever" message, I wanted my readers to be aware of it.  The second-type is particularly vicious (Robin Helm).  Many people seem to feel a need to excuse a person who belongs to a cult of personality which preaches some of the worst ethos I have ever seen.  Again, this is the "entertainment" of the arena.
Some people will say that these authors are writing for LDS readers.  Why?  Is it a part of their mind-control programme in order to keep women in their proper place.  One really has to wonder.
Ms. Helm's first trilogy was so ridiculous (I believe it tied Angelology) that I did not attempt it.  However, I DID read the first volume of her second trilogy.  To say I was shocked would be an understatement.  Her major male character (21st century) has multiple psychiatric disorders, which are unacknowledged.    I read this book with an open mind; however, I could not believe that no one else could see the pathology in his behaviour.  This "Gospel of Greed" on which she expounds is vile.  Again, this is not a book for entertainment.  
I much preferred the flawed 18th century character.  He was real.
Well, this is all for today.  I will be bringing you positive reviews soon; but, I just had to get these two off my back.   

Monday, January 19, 2015

I Have My Standards -- Smile, You Are on Camera

When it comes to reading for entertainment purposes only, literary standards tend to slacken a bit.  However, with the trend to self-publishing being offered by mega-corporation Amazon and other companies, many writers are not treating their readers with the respect that they deserve.  Editing has almost disappeared.  Writing levels that are barely out of elementary school have also been noted.  In addition, the so-called "reviews" on many book and e-book buying sites are very questionable.  Many are almost word for word and appear to be written by a claque of followers.  The reviews I have given have ALWAYS been true reviews in that I have read the book, no one has paid me for the review, and I will honestly tell what I think.
So, in that regard, I will now re-publish my Amazon reviews here as well since I have read that authors do NOT read their Amazon reviews.  This is especially true in the Austenalia genre, which I must admit that I do on occasion enjoy.  The authors as a whole hold tight to their bulwark and do not criticize fellow authors.  I am not sure that is a good thing.  Historical novelists certainly criticize each other, especially when important facts are gotten wrong.  Today, for example, I found a series of novels about ancient Alexandria.  However, the author made Heron of Alexandria female which would have surprised HIM greatly.  Heron was also the major character.  These novels also got glowing reviews from the hoi polloi or a claque.  They were not useful at all.  I would have liked to post something to the effect that I had not read the novels but that Heron was male, so I would not waste my time since this was a primary fact.
I will be posting further on this subject as it is important to me.  

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Where Did My Blog Go?

Some of my visitors may wonder where the lovely blog I used to have has gone.  I do not know.  The only thing of which I am aware is that Lyndzy, a designer at The Cutest Blog in the World, took my money for a custom blog.  I have not been able to get in touch with her.  When attempting to get in touch with the other owners, they have found the work order; however, they have done nothing as yet to restore my blog.  I am not an expert in this and Lyndzy messed around with the CSS, so I cannot even borrow a temporary design until I can get another done.  
This also happened on my knitting blog when the designer decided to sell her business and did not inform me of it.  It is even worse there because I have no way of even posting to it.  I spent good money for both these blogs and feel that I have been robbed.  People do not RENT a custom designed blog, for goodness sakes.