Tuesday, January 11, 2011

2010 Challenge Result ~~ 58!

Archaeological Mystery-Thriller

Adams, W.: The Alexander Cipher****(1)
Adams, W.: The Exodus Quest****(2)
Adams, W.: The Lost Labyrinth****(3)
Brokaw, C: The Atlantis Code**- (n.b. this book had poor production copy editing; in addition, the Pieta is not in the Square, it is the art work above the first side altar on the right in St. Peter's - been there twice)(N.B. I started his second -- YUCCH!! -- he is permanently off my preferred author list) 
Gould, J.: Greek Winds of Fury***
Knox, T.: The Genesis Secret ****
Sussman, P.: The Hidden Oasis*** (3) (n.b. I was shocked that this book had the worst production copy editing I have ever seen - especially considering that it was published by the Atlantic Monthly Press)


Adams, A.: First Impressions: A Tale of Less Pride & Prejudice***
Angelini, S.: The Trials of the Honorable F. Darcy *** (n.b. delightful R-rated modern rendition)
Caldwell, J.: Pemberley Ranch***++
Fairview, M. : The Other Mr. Darcy***+(1)
Fairview, M.: The Darcy Cousins***+(2)
Ford, MT: Jane Bites Back ***++(1)
Grange, A.: Mr. Darcy, Vampyre**++ (n.b. much better than I thought it would be)
Jeffers, R.: Captain Wentworth's Persuasion ***
Jeffers, R.: Darcy's Passions ***
Jeffers, R.: Vampyre Darcy's Desire*** (NB: horrible title; actually a good story)
Jeffers. R.: Darcy's Temptation ***
Jeffers, R.: Phantom of Pemberley***
Louise, K.: Darcy's Voyage***-
Mushatt, M.A.: Darcy and the Duchess**+
Reynolds, A.: Impulse & Initiative**+
Reynolds, A.: Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy: The Last Man in the World***
Rigler, LV: Rude Awakenings of a Jane Austen Addict****(2)


Gregory, J. & Tintori, K.: The Book of Names***
Gregory, J. & Tintori, K.: The Illumination***

King, S.: Duma Key***
King, S.: Under the Dome***+
Trussoni, D.: Angelology: A Novel**(1) (review will follow soon)(this was supposedly a "novel-of-the year", personally, I don't feel that it came up to that standard -- too much hype)
Weldon, P: Phantasm**+(3)
Winkowski, MA & Foley, M.: The Book of Illumination***(1)

Winkowski, MA & Foley, M.: The Ice Cradle***(2)

Mysteries/Novels: Ancient Rome

Davis, L.: Nemesis****
Downie, R.: Medicus****(1)
Kane, B.: The Forgotten Legion*****(1)
Kane, B.: The Silver Eagle *****(2)

Mysteries/Novels: Mediaevel Europe

 Franklin, A.: A Murderous Procession***+()


Bowen, R.: Her Royal Spyness***(1)
Evanovitch, J.: Wicked Appetite***

Hamilton, B.: A Marked Man****(2)
Hamilton, B.: The Ninth Daughter****(1)
Isaacs, S.: As Husbands Go***+


Berry, S.: The Emperor's Tomb***+
Berry, S.: The Paris Vendetta***
Child, L. & Preston, D.: Fever Dream****
Child, L.: Death Match***
Child, L.: Terminal Freeze***
Cussler, C.: Lost Adventure: A Fargo Adventure(#2)***
Cussler, C.: Spartan Gold***(#1 Fargo Adventure)
Cussler, C.: The Spy***(#3 in Isaac Bell series)
Cussler, C.: The Wrecker (#2 Isaac Bell)***
Cussler, C.: Lost Adventure: A Fargo Adventure(#2)***
Cussler, C.: Spartan Gold***(#1 Fargo Adventure)
Cussler, C.: The Spy***(#3 in Isaac Bell series)
Preston, D.: Impact***
Rollins, J.: Altar of Eden***+
Thor, Brad: The Athena Project **-


Cronin, J.: The Passage****
Farnsworth, C.: Blood Oath***
Harris, C.: Dead In The Family***+
Huston, C.: Already Dead***