Thursday, March 28, 2013

PRNK: It Never Will Be Missed, It Never Will Be Missed

Maybe this is the time that I always knew would be coming.  Back in the mid-1970's I joined the officer corps of the United States Air Force.  From November 1975 through November 1976 I spent a remote tour of duty at Osan Air Base in the Republic of South Korea.  During the summer of my tour, two US Army officers were brutally murdered by North Korean troops while supervising South Korean workers trimming the bushes at Panmunjom, the place where the cease fire was signed in the early 1950's.  Needless to say, we had a much tenser situation over there than was ever realized by the civilian population in the US.  In fact, it was on my order that the alert fighter pilots took to their planes.
Now, we have Pyongyang threatening not only South Korea but the United States itself with nuclear war.  This is only because we have let them develop this technology.  The ruling family, the Kims, are the most evil people in the world today.  They do not even have the excuse of being mislead by misreading the Q'ran.  Religious fanatics are to be pitied because their minds are so narrow (we have them in this country, too).  This regime does not have narrow minds -- it has pure EVIL in all its intentions, it always has, and it always will.
Therefore, I do wish that, as Koko in The Mikado had his little list, that we have ours and that Pyongyang and North Korea are at the top, ready to be wiped-out at the first direct provocation, because as he sang: "THEY NEVER WILL BE MISSED.  THEY NEVER WILL BE MISSED."
Special Note:  I am also sure that we have already taken care of Peking/Beijing.