Saturday, June 2, 2018

Silliness (Stupidity) of Men: A Rant Against Nugenix and Other Dangerous Supplements

It is hard not to laugh sometimes at the silliness of men concerning their views of what they consider their most important physical urges/attributes/hormones/etc.  However, this laughter on our parts masks down right dangerous activities which men themselves get involved in pursuit of these things.
We all know about the dangers involved in the the world of drugs and body building, football and other sports, etc.  However, the so-called "supplement" industry is now bringing out a dangerous new product -- Nugenix.  I am sure you have seen advertisements for it on television.  The reason I say that it is dangerous is that no man should be taking ANY testosterone product (even one that is over the counter) unless he has been seen by an endocrinologist.  There are certain physical conditions which MAY see the use of prescriptive testosterone to be useful for a while.  However, as with women using estrogen after menopause, there are many negative side effects.  If a man's testosterone levels are truly "below normal", which can only be determined by blood tests, and are brought back up to normal levels, he again becomes equally at risk for developing certain male cancers, ie. prostate cancer.  Lower testosterone lowers the risk for developing this cancer.
Even though the commercial states that men should NOT use this product under the age of 40, we all know that younger men WILL experiment with it because they believe that it will bring them greater sexual performance.  Men are generally NOT known for their brain power in this area.
I am sure my readers would like to know my qualifications to speak in this area.  I am a retired Medical Librarian.  In addition, my husband is a survivor of testicular carcinoma.  He would be considered for and has been offered testosterone replacement therapy and has refused it.  It did not take him 2 seconds after learning the side-effects in order for him to make this choice.    

Wednesday, May 23, 2018


It is difficult to say -- or write -- that you despise your fellow citizens.  However, I have finally come to that point.  Over 40% of people who claim citizenry in this nation do NOT have the proper education to be able to adequately test the truth from the mountains of falsehoods being flung here and there -- the "real" fake news -- which have been spewed forth by Trump and his fraudulent administration.  They have let their brains out to be washed by the likes of Fox and Friends (Enemies of the People), Limbaugh, and whoever else is their particular cup of hate TV/Radio.  
Alt-Righters, Neo-Nazis, the KKK, etc. are another force.  What about "UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER" is in question for these people that they do NOT understand?  I think that this shows a great deal of deliberate stupidity.  The pro-slavery SOUTH was EVIL, including the Christian Church.  Anyone pro-slavery was EVIL, including people in the North.  There is NO argument to this statement and I will NOT take any.  They will ALWAYS be WRONG.  There is no apologetic that will wipe them clean.  
As with the history of the Civil War, the events surrounding this most corrupt and treasonous excuse for an administration will be with the people in taking the correct stand.  You no longer can give this bully criminal excuses for doing what he is doing to our great country.  We are a laughing stock in the world.  Pence is NO better.  They ALL need to GO NOW!!!  They are hypocrites and liars.  They cannot answer questions with straight answers because there are none in their universe.  God does not approve of ANYONE in particular!  Get it out of your mind that our itsy-bitsy little planet is on any deity's mind constantly --  or our country.  What hubris!  Now that you can see that we have been sold down a well, maybe now you can actually listen to the candidates for office and not their orthodoxies.       

Friday, June 2, 2017

An Editorial: I Understand, Kathy

Yes, I am in all probability one of a very, very few people going against the current flap over Kathy Griffin's photograph.  That one.  It certainly is not fun being the public pinata of the day.  It was also NOT a joke, in spite of her profession as comedienne.  It was an editorial statement -- much like the vile editorial "cartoons" which are published against Muslims in our nation's newspapers.  These have been in all probability a part of the anti-Islamic violence which has been perpetuated against innocent people.  Yes, there are Terrorist cells in this country; but, there are far more innocent people who are victims who have been targeted because of their religion, sometimes egged on by these very images.  Are these artists castigated and fired for their Free Speech?  They are not.  Free Speech is guaranteed to us in the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.  Yes, she made us uncomfortable for a few minutes; but,  Ms. Griffin cannot do anything against President Trump except show her scorn, her disgust, and, yes, her out-right hatred of him.  She is NOT a threat.  I duplicate her feelings and probably more.  I cringed when I found out the degree of utter stupidity to which the United States has fallen.  The fact that we have elected criminals should tell us that (as well as having them in unelected advisorship roles).  I do not use pretty language anymore (I learned all my cuss words while an officer in the US Air Force, including remote duty in South Korea.)  I'll not be harassed by any MAN who dares to say I'm not nice enough or diplomatic.  These have failed or did you not get the memo?    

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

High Treason and Perjuries

We have reached historical levels of lowness and corruption for any presidency contemplated by the original authors of the Constitution.  Before Mr. Trump (I refuse to give him the honorific) was seated in office he had already "allegedly" committed perjuries and high treason against the people of the United States of America.  Mr. Trump would dare sell his own nation out in order to sit on the highest seat that it has to offer -- and to make it even worse, he did it through lies.  This was done with the collusion of Mr. Putin, head of the Sov..., excuse me here, Russian Federation.  It is a well known fact that Comrade Stalin is Mr. Putin's "poster boy."

The Russian Federation actually broke into American cyber networks, including the DNC.  This is what makes this high treason.  If they can do this then they can monkey around with our military.  In all probability they already have (this comes from logical deduction).

This is why Mr. Trump and his gang of thieves need to be brought before a Federal Grand Jury and placed under oath.  We know what the truth is.  We know he cannot tell the truth.  He cannot distinguish the truth from his lies.  Morally he is a stunted three year old.  Yes, it will be painful and embarrassing.  There were many people who should have known better in November.  We are no longer like the Roman Republic, when men who showed dishonesty opened their veins in order to at least save their name for their families. He will possess a prison cell, a prison cell which he should never leave.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

This Should Be Appealable

I have not written much about the horrible politics of this past year.  However, with the recent intelligence of active Russian and FBI collusion with the Republican Party, NO ONE can say with a straight face that this election was anything but FIXED.  The huge plurality of the popular vote alone along with the small percentages of victory in certain red-leaning electoral states, which pushed the old-fashioned Electoral College into Trump's camp shows this.  There must be a way to stop this illegality.
I suggest that the Supreme Court, on the basis of the evidence, throw out the results of the November Presidential election.  A special election for President can then be called for early February. There would be no time for any campaigning.  In fact, I believe the Court should forbid it.  The Electoral College should also be put on hiatus.  All information about the 2016 election and its shenanighans should be made known to the American people.  No excuses will be accepted.
This filthiness will only leave us when we wake up from the national hang-over Trump put most of us into with his siren songs of impossibility.  We already see the ugliness of what he will bring. My judgment of America will fall to the utter depths if this is allowed to continue.  I never knew such ugliness really existed before this time except in spots.  Now it shows its face in the University.  I weep.  

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Re-Blog From The New Oxonian

Re-blogging from The New Oxonian:

READERS of this page will know that I don’t do editorials.   I do essays, sometimes long and turgid essays, on things that interest me, matter to me, worry me.
That is why I am playing against type and writing a short op-ed on Donald Trump.
I am deeply worried about something that everyone has said, and most have believed, but now  in the wake of media “normalization” activity and legitimation maneuvers we are in danger of forgetting.  After all, just as the media got simply everything wrong about the election, including the outcome, they persist in persisting to think that they can create a new narrative and a new frame for a man who by any normal measure comes up small and short. That “something” is that Mr Trump is unfit for office. ...