Thursday, April 26, 2012

I Really Have Not Been Lazy . . .

I cannot believe that it has been this long since I have blogged!!!  

In October of last year and this past January I have had total knee

replacements.  Sometimes I wonder if it was worth it as I am still

uncomfortable.  The physical therapy was very good and my flexion

is 130 degrees; however, I never managed to get my legs 

completely flat.

After my first surgery I also had horrible side-effects from the pain

medication I was being given (oxycontin).  I was totally psycho with

the hallucinations which did not dissipate until several days after I

had been sent to an in-patient rehabilitation facility.  Needless to 

say, I almost did the second surgery on no medications at all -- just

tylenol and ice water circulating around my leg.  I think I was the

only Amazon the hospital ever had on its orthopaedic unit.  It can

be done.

I am reading at a record-setting pace; however, I have not been

keeping track, so I will have to have a massive list making day