Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A Place For Snarkiness

I need a place for me to be snarky on occasion. Of course, that is becoming far more frequent with time. I also need to be able to identify stupidity when I see it. Even though there is still too much of that out there I do see a few bright lights through its dismal fog. Far too many people still fall into the category of the general populace in Hans Christian Andersen's story "The Emperor's New Clothes." We need to be clear eyed like the little boy who says, "The Emperor isn't wearing any clothes!"
Of course, the current chief subject for snarkiness is Sarah Palin. Where to begin . . . She is an embarrassment, at the very least, and a foul liar at the worst. McCain has aided and abetted all this behind the scenes, maintaining a facade that is just as rotten. As an Air Force veteran (I know he's Navy), I am more than upset when I hear him say that he is qualified just because he had been a prisoner-of-war. PULEEZE!!!!! This is an illogical argument and he would fail an introductory course in Logic by using it. WARNING: SNARKINESS HERE: Of course, he was not known as a good student at the Naval Academy. His basic intelligence at this point is also in question. ;-)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Since Dan Brown's best seller "The DaVinci Code," there has been a real spate in novels with various mythic retellings of the stories of the approved and unapproved sacred literature that arose late in the First Century of the Common Era, continuing to at least the Third. There are as well attempts to join a Gnostic-type of Christianity, which is also connected with Magdalene, with the Albigensians/Waldensians (Cathars). {SIDE NOTE: I am not Christian; however, I believe that the various faith groups underneath that banner have a right to define what they call Christianity for themselves. However, I can also point out that various attempts at filling in the "mythic story" also have a long and respected tradition as well. In addition, some are better and some are worse than others.} [I will finish this review later.]

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Thoughts on Hillary Clinton

If you read my knitting blog you have probably seen my Ravelry Knitters for Obama badge on the sidebar. I became an Obama supporter around December of last year. This was after several horrible gaffs by Hillary, Bill, and a number of the big-wigs in her campaign. The first thing that crossed my mind was: WHAT! She has lowered herself to race-baiting! I really had high hopes for her campaign being different: ie. not being sleezy. On the other hand, Obama handled himself like a gentleman, which he is. He even treated Rev. Wright with politeness; and was polite when he severed their relationship because of Wright's stupidity. Hillary, however, was acting in panic. When panic sets in it is not a pretty thing. I believe that Hillary will become a great senator; however, I would like to see someone else for the VP nomination, possibly Dianne Feinstein.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Fashion -- NOT!

I don't know which so-called designer thought it would be great to foist little girls' styles onto adult women, which they do every so often. The problem I have with this practice is that they continue to do this. Let me say this: when you were seven, it was cute to wear a dress or blouse with short puffed sleeves; however, at twenty-seven, thirty-seven, forty-seven, etc. it is NOT CUTE. It is NOT BEAUTIFUL! It makes you look like a laughing-stock. Babies wear baby dresses -- women wear clothes meant for women, NOT BABIES!!