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Happy Caturday!!!!

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Mantons At Dawn: I've Been Slandered, Insulted, Possibly Libeled, Ridiculed, Slapped Across The Cheek .... ......

Yes, yours truly has been put through the storm.  As I have the right of choice of weapons, I choose Mantons (of course, I need to get a pristine 18th century set from England) as well as a refresher course (I was qualified on the 45 caliber revolver when I was in the Air Force).  We have many Revolutionary re-enactors here who would probably be happy to teach me.  One does not look at the North Korean border every day for a year as well as live with Def-Con 4/5 and not develop courage.  One does NOT step on my honour and get away with it!  
Now, what was this "slug-fest", you might say.  I never thought it would devolve into that.  First, I would like to say that there are indeed words describing different human groups which are degrading.  I DO NOT approve of these at all.  However, we are not speaking about that.  What I am asking is when does wearing ashes and sack-cloth come to an end and a people can be honoured for their bravery and courage as the titular mascot of athletic teams.
The person who slandered me is not even wholly Amerindian.  I knew the late Chief Tantaquidgeon of the Mohegan Tribe and his sister Gladys, who was an anthropologist.  They were wonderful people.  The Tribe was honoured when the town wished to honour them by calling their athletic teams The Indians.  This was back in 1964.  Why did she NOT want to hear this?
Then, I came to find out that another major part of her ancestry is Norse.  She has lied to herself about the amount of stereotyping that particular branch has also gone through and its suffering at the hands of Christianizers.  Did she want to hear it?  No.  She just called them raiders and pirates, forgetting that they were primarily farmers and fisherfolk.  Most of the gold gotten from raids went to get land.  Many also settled in the places where they raided.  Somehow, she sees these ancestors as being less than her others.  Her Amerindian ancestors fought against each other, sometimes to almost the point of genocide.  Of course, she would really rather have myth.  Of course, what the Europeans did was utterly inexcusable -- and I said so.  However, she hurled insults at me after I told her my bona fides ( high honors in History first).  She slung that I only probably had an AP course in high school.  Immediately, I stated where the High Honors was from a college in the top 100 of small colleges and that I was also a member of Phi Alpha Theta.  I also stated that I keep up with my field, the Christianization of Europe (and that it was not pretty but ugly and brutal) and the pre-existing religions.  She thought the Norse rolled over like dogs.  Then she hurls the worst insult ever -- she says that I must be a Republican!
If all of this does not deserve Mantons at dawn, I just do not know how many more insults a person must take.