Thursday, January 3, 2013

2013: A Few Thoughts, A Few Sighs

Well, 2013 is finally here for all the good it will do us.  Yes, I am feeling a lot cynical this year and for many good reasons:
Misogyny in its most horrendous forms has shown its evil head, leering eyes and subtle innuendo at all of us during this past year.  Not only has a brilliant and beautiful young woman been viciously gang raped and as a result murdered, more countrymen in India during the months of November and December have done the same thing to other women, some of whom were accompanied by husbands and friends.  One of these women suicided and another apologized -- apologize for WHAT I ask, just for being a living, breathing FEMALE!!!!  While in this country the damn GOP says the most egregiously stupid and hateful things about women and their sexuality that (even though I support full gun control) I would really like to take a flame-thrower to them, as Al Pacino does in Scent of a Woman.  Well, I can dream.
The NRA, like the Westboro Baptist Church, is a Hate organization.  More guns is NOT the answer to gun violence!  I sobbed -- and still cry when I think about those babies and educators in the western part of my fair state who were BRUTALLY murdered by a young man who was jealous of his mother's attention.  This was because the mother was mislead by the NRA into thinking that she NEEDED those weapons for protection.  NO ONE NEEDS MILITARY WEAPONS! (I am an Air Force veteran and I do not own weapons.)  I do NOT need protection from my government, which the NRA and many of the Right Wing ilk hint at in their literature (why else is there the so-called "militia movement" when we already have a militia in the National Guard).
I feel as if the stupid are taking over this world.  They have denigrated everyone who has a real liberal arts education and has learned how to think.
Well, everyone, I will try to blog more often and I might be positive as well.