Wednesday, May 29, 2013

It's True! People Are More Stupid -- And They Are Getting Worse Every Day

The word is out!  It is official!  Since the Victorian Era mankind has LOST an average of 14 IQ points.  (Looking around over my shoulder: could it be you? you? you?)  Think I'm crazy, do you.  I cannot hold an educated conversation with most people I know.  The amount of ignorance simply knows no bounds.  Along with this comes another disturbing trend about "not judging another's so-called truth."  This is why the last 2 generations are filled with psychopaths.  They were never taught limits and boundaries and never had real consequences.  Time out!  Don't make me laugh.  The child and any other children should write down their parts in the transgression.  Usually, it's just stupidity.  Ethics and moral behaviour start at the beginning.  It cannot wait.  The same thing goes with our educations.  Generally speaking, we don't need high-priced glitz.  We need to spend our money on dedicated educators who know that the currently marketed panacea is just that -- a panacea.  Education accumulates incrementally: language and maths are the only thing small children need besides art, music and play.  Of course, during the day a good teacher will keep children motivated  by telling them about all the other great stuff coming up after they have mastered this.  Real progress, not faked progress manufactured  by some DEd, a worthless piece of paper.