Friday, June 2, 2017

An Editorial: I Understand, Kathy

Yes, I am in all probability one of a very, very few people going against the current flap over Kathy Griffin's photograph.  That one.  It certainly is not fun being the public pinata of the day.  It was also NOT a joke, in spite of her profession as comedienne.  It was an editorial statement -- much like the vile editorial "cartoons" which are published against Muslims in our nation's newspapers.  These have been in all probability a part of the anti-Islamic violence which has been perpetuated against innocent people.  Yes, there are Terrorist cells in this country; but, there are far more innocent people who are victims who have been targeted because of their religion, sometimes egged on by these very images.  Are these artists castigated and fired for their Free Speech?  They are not.  Free Speech is guaranteed to us in the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.  Yes, she made us uncomfortable for a few minutes; but,  Ms. Griffin cannot do anything against President Trump except show her scorn, her disgust, and, yes, her out-right hatred of him.  She is NOT a threat.  I duplicate her feelings and probably more.  I cringed when I found out the degree of utter stupidity to which the United States has fallen.  The fact that we have elected criminals should tell us that (as well as having them in unelected advisorship roles).  I do not use pretty language anymore (I learned all my cuss words while an officer in the US Air Force, including remote duty in South Korea.)  I'll not be harassed by any MAN who dares to say I'm not nice enough or diplomatic.  These have failed or did you not get the memo?    

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

High Treason and Perjuries

We have reached historical levels of lowness and corruption for any presidency contemplated by the original authors of the Constitution.  Before Mr. Trump (I refuse to give him the honorific) was seated in office he had already "allegedly" committed perjuries and high treason against the people of the United States of America.  Mr. Trump would dare sell his own nation out in order to sit on the highest seat that it has to offer -- and to make it even worse, he did it through lies.  This was done with the collusion of Mr. Putin, head of the Sov..., excuse me here, Russian Federation.  It is a well known fact that Comrade Stalin is Mr. Putin's "poster boy."

The Russian Federation actually broke into American cyber networks, including the DNC.  This is what makes this high treason.  If they can do this then they can monkey around with our military.  In all probability they already have (this comes from logical deduction).

This is why Mr. Trump and his gang of thieves need to be brought before a Federal Grand Jury and placed under oath.  We know what the truth is.  We know he cannot tell the truth.  He cannot distinguish the truth from his lies.  Morally he is a stunted three year old.  Yes, it will be painful and embarrassing.  There were many people who should have known better in November.  We are no longer like the Roman Republic, when men who showed dishonesty opened their veins in order to at least save their name for their families. He will possess a prison cell, a prison cell which he should never leave.