Saturday, January 17, 2015

Where Did My Blog Go?

Some of my visitors may wonder where the lovely blog I used to have has gone.  I do not know.  The only thing of which I am aware is that Lyndzy, a designer at The Cutest Blog in the World, took my money for a custom blog.  I have not been able to get in touch with her.  When attempting to get in touch with the other owners, they have found the work order; however, they have done nothing as yet to restore my blog.  I am not an expert in this and Lyndzy messed around with the CSS, so I cannot even borrow a temporary design until I can get another done.  
This also happened on my knitting blog when the designer decided to sell her business and did not inform me of it.  It is even worse there because I have no way of even posting to it.  I spent good money for both these blogs and feel that I have been robbed.  People do not RENT a custom designed blog, for goodness sakes.  

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