Friday, April 17, 2009

GOP Going the Way of the Whigs

I admit that I hardly ever vote for a Republican candidate anymore because I do believe in voting for the best person to fill an elective office. The quality of candidates over the last 25+ years has been so-so to out-right poor. This can be seen in a number of current holders of elective office as well as their various pundits. It seems as though none of them has learned any American history and their knowledge of the Constitution is minimal, at best.
The main reason that I am writing this today are the recent calls to treason to our nation from various governors, pundits, and elected representatives of this party. I believe that the Department of Justice should be investigating these people and, when determined, should arrest them. This country lost over 500,000 lives during a Civil War which was over SLAVERY and the supposed "states' right" to determine that individuals could, in fact, own other human beings. The states only get whatever so-called rights that the federal government decides that it does not want for itself. Therefore, these "rights" can change over the course of years since the federal government should be looking out for the well-being of all our citizens which states do ignore on many occasions.
In the decade before the Civil War the Whig Party disappeared from the political scene to be ultimately replaced by the Republican Party. The Republican Party, at that time, was more socially progressive than the Democratic Party. I believe that two Presidents, Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt, would now roll over in their graves to see what has happened to it.
However, as the Law of Entropy has shown, things do die. And the Republican Party is dying a long, painful death. I can foresee the probability that two political parties will arise from its ashes: one, a middle-of-the-road fiscally conservative party and another which is far-right/libertarian fiscally and far-right socially. There may well be a few people elected from this extreme wing; but, they will finally be put into a proper context in that they truly are just a very vehement, vocal, and occasionally violent minority.


teabird said...

I'm downright terrified to hear all of the talk about secession, and to realize that Sarah Palin's husband is a supporter. While it's true that empires die a slow death, things are faster these days - and maybe the US is going to die in less time than most.

Julia Ergane said...

I am afraid that just might happen if the far right continues its ways and people don't wake up. "The Handmaiden's Tale" is probably not that far from the truth anymore. Do we really want another Civil War? I say, let these people drown in their own bile.