Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Governor Rell IS Herbert Hoover

Right now politics is really occupying most of my thoughts. The main reason for this post is the recent "give-backs" by Connecticut state employees, which will eventually result in less employees to do the jobs required for the state to operate efficiently. The term, straight out of "1984" Newspeak, "right-sizing," is anything but. In addition, salary and benefit give-backs will additionally not put money into the economy, which is grossly needed right now. Of course, ignorant people who don't realize this like to abuse those who do have fairly stable jobs in this environment. No one should have to worry that much about making ends meet or losing a job. Of course, Connecticut has had the additional problem of a too high cost of living which was falsely inflated by the very rich minority who live here. The so-called middle class in this state can barely afford to buy a house without being put into severe financial straights. Paul Krugman, the economist who recently was awarded the Nobel Prize in Economics, has stated that if the governors of the states behave like Herbert Hoover it will continue to prolong the economic depression in spite of the incentives being promulgated by the Obama administration. Governor Rell is acting like Hoover to the total detriment of this state.

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