Thursday, March 26, 2009

Mine Own Advocate

Has anyone else noticed the fact that people seem to be unable to take any type of criticism any more? In fact, to make matters worse, they try to turn it on you, making you the bad guy by calling you abusive when the only thing you have done is point out a mistake and are asking that it be rectified. They mishear strong advocacy as "yelling." I do not yell at people, call them names, or use any form of invective. However, at times I may be thinking these things as I have a very low threshold for stupidity of any kind. In addition, I do not like to be treated with an "one size fits all" mentality. I am an individual -- I am not to be squeezed into any generic category. So what if "most people only have"..... I am not "most people"! I do not want to be treated like "most people" -- I want to be treated as an individual.

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