Monday, March 30, 2009

Lost In Austen

I am an Austenophile. Every few years, it seems, I re-read her books with great enjoyment, always finding new delights. I even, on occasion, read some of the modern novels which build upon her originals. Some of these are good while others are really awful. It is interesting; however, to see where each author takes these characters.

A British television production, Lost in Austen, is now being shown in the States on the Ovation network. On Sunday last I was able to see the entire four-part production. I was thoroughly charmed. A modern London girl, who is also entranced by Austen and Pride & Prejudice in particular, has a strange thing happen: a portal between her world and Longbourne opens on the wall behind her bath tub. Eventually, she and Lizzy "exchange" places. Then the fun begins as Amanda tries to make the novel come out right.

I particularly liked the way Alex Kingston portrayed Mrs. Bennett. She wasn't quite the flibberty-gibbet, though she did have her worries, and could be called a steel magnolia. And, Captain (not Lieutenant) Wickham was not the complete cad, either. Of course, Lady Catherine is wonderfully obnoxious as always. I won't give away anything of the plot; but, I recommend this as a very pleasant diversion. **** (out of a possible 5)


teabird said...

Casting Alex Kingston as Mrs. Bennet is genius! I'll have to look for the series.

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