Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Big Storms and Little

Last week's mini-hurricane (well, that's what it was where I am in South East New England) was only gale force winds and some rain, yet it did do quite a bit of damage on the coast line due to the full moon high tide.  I'm almost an olde Yankee hereabouts, so I don't get all put out about being out of electricity for a week.  That's what hurricane lamps are for, don't you know.  You also don't build on the beach, dim-of-wit!; or on land that is in a known flood area. (knocks head with flat of hand -- when will the stupid ever end!)  However, I am really glad that Cape May, one of the really beautiful places in New Jersey, did miss the storm.  I also regret all loss of life.  So, today's and tonight's nor-easter is just a little blip on my particular radar.  Bundle up, it's cold outside, the wind is blowing from the nor-east, and eat some marshmallows by your fireplace tonight with real hot cocoa and toddies.

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