Monday, July 2, 2012

Bring Out Your Truly Stupid

Summertime -- aah!  Now is the time when we see a number of human beings take themselves out of the gene pool in the hope that they will be the winner of this year's Darwin Awards.  The only problem with this is that young people who have not beeen taught otherwise can get caught up in the so-called adult hi-jinks.  However, the wonderful Second Amendment which always gets rights added to it rather than any other amendment, now seems to be applied to for private ownership of fireworks, some of which qualify as ordnance.  So, now I get to see these tacky outposts spring up during this time all over Connecticut and we have even more traffic because it is illegal to sell these things to idiots in Rhode Island.  So, appreciate the EMTs and Emergency Room teams who have to deal with the aftermath of 3rd/4th degree burns; traumatic amputations, etc.

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