Thursday, July 21, 2011

One Can Go Too Far: Nemesis Bites Murdoch's Ass -- Can The Furies Be Far Behind?

There have been many days when I have bewailed the brand of evil stupidity brandished by Rupert Murdoch.  The degree of his arrogance and hubris, which has allowed him to be a public purveyor of out-right lies as well as giving safe harbour to others who have no education (ie. Palin, Bachman, Beck. etc.), has been more than any mere thorn in the side.  It has, in fact, compromised the very commonweal of this country.
The claim that Faux (err, Fixed) (err, Fox) News was " fair and balanced" was a lie from the very first.  He gave "myth" a bad rap.  One only had to take the cotton stuffing from his ears to realize this.
Finally, after the blow up in Great Britain, we are now finally investigating the immoral, illegal, and unethical practices of this bully from Australia.

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