Saturday, April 3, 2010

"Austenesques" and Others

As can be seen under the 52 In 52 Challenge, I have been reading a number of "Austenesque" novels.  These books can be charming and convey the tone of Austen to a degree.  There are those, however, which are total travesties.
The chief among these is the novel by Sharon Lathan, My Dearest Mr. Darcy.  Where can I begin to describe the totality of a wreck that this novel is?
1. On almost every page there are numerous modern anachronisms, including the use of language -- where was this writer's editor?
2. There was entirely too-too much bodice ripping for my taste along with treacly - gooey endearments (again, on almost every page).  Austen is rolling in her grave!
3. To top it all off, she then went for the Christian market!  (This made absolutely no sense at all.)
4.  Other than all this, the basic story line really wasn't that bad; but, it was all I could do to finish it.  All in all, I would give this a D/D-.  Read it if you like to stare at car wrecks.

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Meredith said...

Hi Julia!

I have yet to read any novels by Sharon Lathan. I have read about them though. It seems people are either really love it or really don't.

I just wanted to drop by and ask you to send me your address if you haven't already. So Sourcebooks can send you The Darcy Cousins! My email is