Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Ugly Americans

Far back in the mid-1960's I read "The Ugly American." Even though the story occurs overseas (VietNam), the themes from it are as relevant today as ever. From the early years of the 19th century with the rise of the Know-Nothing and Anti-Masonic political parties; through the mid-century treason of the Confederacy (yes, it was treason led on by those same forces); to the KKK and Jim Crow laws; and now, finally, to all the ugly faces screaming lies, with some of them being elected representatives (Wilson et al) and even governors (Texas) besides the purveyors of verbal diarrhea on Cluster Fix News (as if that somehow would make it the truth), this country has had to deal with a particularly vicious type of wacko. Like the ugly American overseas, this person thinks he/she knows it all and can lord it over anyone who disagrees -- or who is different. Needless to say, these screamers are not even close to being a majority in this country; however, they have the majority of news time because of all the noise they make. I was pleased with President Carter's interview yesterday, when he pointed the finger where it had to be pointed: at the racism inherent within the created lies of this particular group of people who do not want to be educated out of a willful ignorance caused by this. I am ashamed daily at these so-called citizens of my country. They don't know the first thing about true citizenship and how to think through what they believe.

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teabird said...

Officially, a lot of people are disagreeing with President Carter - as usual - and also, as usual, he is right. Bless him for always telling his truth.