Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Texas State School Board Does It Again

Well, the news out of Texas is that folks down there don't believe in a separation of church and state. Can we all say now -- take this to the US Supreme Court now, not passing Go and collecting $200. Of course, I know that there are college courses entitled Biblical Literature. I took this course myself when I was an undergraduate at Muhlenberg College many aeons ago. However, the emphasis on this is Literature and how the various books within it were written and came to be "canonized." It is not a course, usually, on "historicity" or "enerancy" because by textual criticism it can be proved that there were multiple sources for the Torah (Genesis specifically) and for the four canonic Gospels. This new requirement by these whiz-bangs is probably not this at all because, when Johnny or Jennie comes home with information like this, their fundamentalist parents will be very upset (hoppin' mad). If folks want Sunday School all week then their individual congregations should develop this after school and not make the public schools their vehicle for particularistic religion.

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