Wednesday, July 15, 2009

More Stupidity From The Usual Suspects

I have tried to restrain myself. Really. However, I have to point and laugh at those who have no shame in revealing their deliberate stupidity to one and all.

Texas School Board: You know who "they" are. They are at the top of the list of causes of the dumbing down of American education because they -- and not individual school districts -- decide what books are to be used in Texas classrooms. Talk about the thought police. They are at it again. Eliminate Anne Hutchinson et al for Billy Graham et al(gag).

Senator Jeff Sessions: Enough said.

Senators who signed on to sponsor the ridiculous bill banning cross-species creation: What!!!!! (They are all GOP except for Mary Landreau of Louisiana. Maybe she thinks Swamp Thing is real.)

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teabird said...

Re: cross-species creation: maybe I'm getting my species mixed up, but - isn't that how they make mules? (And, may I say, some senators?)